Give the gift of “Re-Blogging”

My normal morning routine currently consists of opening my eyelids, hitting the snooze button, then bumbling out of bed to let my feisty pup out for a walk. I brew an instant cup of coffee in my Keurig coffee maker, throw on my warm, fuzzy robe, and settle in by the computer with my warm Sherpa blanket. I ritualistically guide my browser to the home page, and read up on the new posts which have been labeled as “Freshly Pressed” for the day. I also conduct some maintenance on my own blog, and that’s that. Same old, same old.

However, yesterday, I happened upon a Freshly Pressed page which caught my attention in a way no other site has. A photographer/innovator/blogger took thousands of photographs of a beautiful night sky, and created a time-lapse movie of his endeavors. The result? A beautiful 2 minute movie which captures the beauty of the stars and this big sphere we all live on.

I don’t need any other words to describe how beautiful this product is. Have a look, and you’ll understand why I chose to re-blog this post. ‘Tis the season to be merry! Happy holidays!

Time-lapse Photography of the Milky Way Time-lapse photography has always been an interest of mine. Time-lapse photography consists of taking numerous still images to create a video clip. Now, you might ask, "Why not just use a video camera?" Well, video camera's cannot create 30 second, single frame exposures. In the time-lapse video above, it took 1,100 images with each of them having 35 seconds of exposure (the shutter was open … Read More

via Goldpaint Photography

6 responses to this post.

  1. That was awesome. It reminds me of that “Koyaanisqatsi” movie.


  2. Wow – beautiful! Even though my computer did not download the video that well, I got it! Just amazing.
    Speaking of freshly pressed posts, thanks for commenting on mine, the other week! I really appreciate it!
    This is a truly lovely blog…feel free to drop by mine again, if you have the time and Have a very merry christmas…..


  3. Posted by Goldpaint Photography on March 3, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Just finished another time-lapse video and thought you would be interested:


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