Prompter’s Roulette: Ode to a Stale Cookie

Welcome back to another Plinky Prompts Thursday! I am your host, Aunt Bethany, and I’ll be—

What?!? We’ve re-named our traditional Thursday posts?  Why didn’t anyone tell me? God, this is embarrassing…of all the stupid, inconsiderate mistakes…


Forgive me for the error, but it appears that we here at Miracle on 32nd Street will be labeling our Thursday prompt-centered posts as Prompter’s Roulette posts, a change from our usual Plinky Prompt Thursday posts.

As of late, I’ve been taking prompts from several different websites (not just Plinky), and it seemed erroneous to label my Thursday prompts as Plinky.  I’ll still be drawing from that website, but now I have the option to pick and choose between the prompts that land at my feet…kind of like Roulette.  I don’t know what I’m getting, but I’ll write on just about anything!

So, without further adoring Justin Bieber fans, I present to you my prompt for the week, straight from Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop:

2.) Write a love poem to a favorite food.

Ode to a Stale Cookie


I remember life, flavor, zest

A presence of spirit, an offering of comfort

You, with your ruby red gems and your bittersweet memories,

You…you…gave up on me too soon

Life was a bowlful of cherries

(and eggs and sugar and flour and butter)

From humble beginnings, you molded yourself into a raw, doughy being,

not strong enough yet to stand

Decorating yourself with the darkest of chocolates and the richest of berries,

you separated yourself from the rest of the pack,

whittling and rounding your rough edges

into a sphere of endless possibility

You sat patiently, enduring heat and strife,

growing harder to the world as each minute passed

And, at 12 minutes old, you emerged from the fire

in a blaze of triumph and glory

You were volatile and hot, and scalded my hands

I waited for you with excitement and love

And when finally, you cooled to my sensitive touch,

you caressed my lips, and my joy became real

I was smitten with you, as you were with me

Every morning I indulged in some of your clones

But, as our courtship progressed, you grew distant and cold

And quickly our love began to fade

Your touch was so hard, your spirit was mute

Extra effort was needing to enjoy every bite

I gave you my all, I dunked you in milk,

until one day, you broke me, and chipped my front teeth

Now, I’m left with the memory of our love affair

I’ll never be whole, my heart is now changed

I’ll cry over you as you sit in the trash,

lamenting our—wait, is that cake?!?

Mama's Losin' It


38 responses to this post.

  1. I love the name “prompter’s roulette”! How fun! And what a fun poem! Cookies don’t have time to grow stale at our house…I wish they did! 😉


    • I just make too many cookies! Before I can get to them all, they go bad…:( I live alone, and I’m not feeding my dog these treats (although she has, on occasion, stolen them).


  2. You’re so creative! I’m with Ginny Marie. They don’t have a chance to get stale around here either. I’m such a pig.


    • If only I had more mouths to eat them! I live alone, and my dog will occasionally help me out with the cookie pile (when my back is turned). I’m a baking floozy.


  3. LOL!!! Oh my goodness your poem turned a plain old cookie into something almost …. romantic!! Good one.


  4. You are making me hungry…..:-) And I think that is the whole point. LOL.


  5. 1st thing- Thank you for stopping by my blog. 2nd- LOVE the poem!!! Well written & it was like I was the one experiencing it. Wonderful 🙂


  6. bahahahhaha, love it!

    Now I want sweets. mmmm, cake! 🙂


  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Aunt Bethany, Aunt Bethany. Aunt Bethany said: Ode to a Stale Cookie: // […]


  8. Posted by Samantha on January 27, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Mmmm cookies.


  9. I doooo love cookies, oh so much!


  10. So great, from sensual, to dispair, true love at its best!


  11. Ha. HAHAHAHA. Oh my G, the “12 minutes old” thing is too funny.
    LOVE the new name, too!


  12. Palm kitty!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  13. Brilliant!

    I love it.

    And I made cookies last night.


  14. Oh that hard, hard cookie! Why did he have to go and ruin it? He was so soft and luscious.

    This…….HILARIOUS! Good job on the prompt and listen – you gotta give that cookie more time and love. 🙂 I know I do…


    • But, the cookie is now hard to bite into! He’s shut me out of his life! I have to face facts…he’s moved on. In fact, I hear he’s seeing an entire Pepperidge Farms container of Sausalito cookies. That player.


  15. Love the ame change and love the poem!


  16. Mmm…cookies…mmm…cake…


  17. First of all, what is up with your oven still?! Second, I’ve never really felt that a cookie could be sultry, but you’ve managed to slightly corrupt your treat.


    • I’m getting a new oven on Monday (or so I’ve been told by the Landlord). That cookie ruined me, I say….ruined me. I shall never love again…until I go to Dairy Queen and order a Reese’s Pieces Cheesecake Blizzard with extra chocolate syrup and cookie bits.


  18. OMG, you crack me up! Never have I read such a heartfelt ode to a desert before! And I loved when your ADD kicked in at the end. Did not see that coming!


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