I Let the Light In


I let the light in today

Tossed aside the shades and drew the windows wide,

to glimpse upon a beam of golden hope,

a ray of brilliance amidst the dark winter cold

I never had dared let the light in before

For fear that it wouldn’t be mine to keep

A well-guarded window kept safe all I guarded,

a shade to protect against all I held dear

Yet, a small, quiet voice urged me onward today

Steeling my courage, making me bold

And I stepped out from darkness to look at the sky

A sight I had dreamed of, but never pursued

The light was dazzling, although small

peaking through the clouds, daring to shine

It flickered with uncertainty, almost disappearing

A glimmer of promise…but, the light was there

My eyes rebelled at the glorious sight,

for no light had ever shone like this before

So, I silenced my mind, and opened my heart

And took every ounce of it in

I gazed at the light, embracing its warmth,

and the joy that I felt grew inside

I let myself dream, and I let my heart dance

and my soul felt complete and whole

And my spirit knew true happiness

as I dared to indulge in this dream

But I knew, how I knew, that the light could not stay,

and the clouds gently took it away

A sigh of resignation escaped my lips.

I knew I had stolen a moment or two

with a light that inspired me, thrilled me, warmed me

A moment of hope amidst a season of gray

I let myself take just a minute or two

to delight in the thoughts of all that could be

I let the light in for a second today

to imagine what joy and bliss true love could bring.

Welcome to my second addition of poetry to the site!  Here’s a poem that actually was part of a larger work, but I decided to ultimately cut that down and make two different poems.  It’s counterpart will focus around a meadow scene, so be sure to look for that one in the upcoming weeks.  Ideally, I’d love to edit this one and adapt it to fit a solid rhyming scheme.  I just had to get these thoughts down last night, and I knew that if I became too concerned with rhyming, I wouldn’t be as articulate and truthful with my words.

The picture above is also mine.  It was taken around sunset, in a moving car, while riding to Cleveland, Ohio…the sun was a lovely winter gold that afternoon.

Happy reading, all!


19 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Uncle Lewis on January 26, 2011 at 8:11 am

    wow. Photo is beautiful, words are beautiful, author is beautiful. Everytime I read it, something else jumps off the page at me. I pray those clouds part and the sun streams in. Just be warned the sunshine may be blinding and more than you can take. 🙂


    • I have heavy-duty Ray Bans, Uncle Lewis. Plus, you know how much I love sunlight. I hate being cold and anxious in January. But…the struggle and strife make you really realize how badly you want to fight for something…and I will fight for sunlight even in the heaviest of blizzards.


  2. The picture is perfect for the poem you have so beautifully wrote and captured with words through the trees. I adore it! You are mulit-talented. Of course, I keep saying that. Remember the moment and enjoy the peaceful glow of happiness (you can carry it with you- I promise!).


  3. “And took every ounce of it in” LOVE this! You have got to keep this poetry thing up! You have a serious talent for it!


    • Thanks for your kind, kind words. Just WAIT ’til you see tomorrow’s post…”Ode to a Stale Cookie.” A bit more humorous than my usual poetry offerings!


  4. That was so beautiful! I love the photo, too.


  5. Dang girl … that was nice. With all the funny, the movie reviews, and now beautiful poetry, I say you put in for a variety show.


  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Poster of a girl and Aunt Bethany, Aunt Bethany. Aunt Bethany said: I Let the Light In: http://wp.me/p1aL37-l3 […]


  7. Posted by Nazia on January 26, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Yet, a small, quiet voice urged me onward today
    Steeling my courage, making me bold
    And I stepped out from darkness to look at the sky
    A sight I had dreamed of, but never pursued

    This is light of your conscious state of mind ,live inner guilt which would even more shine when you are in complete darkness or search of any discovery for refreshing your soul.
    This light will light your all weak areas of your personality and keep you in alert mode during time of doing mistakes in coming life.So let this light in and see how it would bring clarity in your decision making.


  8. Your photography is a great fit for this awesome poem. I’m sure you are proud of your poems but be especially proud of this one Aunt Bethany. Thanks for adding the Poetic License into your sidebar. I think I need to make a smaller one! Thanks for the email. I wish I could visit all the sites I want to but….


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