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Thanksgiving-Palooza: Part Four

Welcome back to our holiday kick-off party, Thanksgiving-Palooza!


Uncle Lewis, would you please stop making ominous echoes EVERYTIME I say that word?


Uncle Lewis*puts down megaphone* Sorry…

It’s okay, I can’t fault you for being excited.  Lord knows I’m totally pumped for the holidays, now, and I find I’m a bearer of great Christmas spirit today.

The trytophen’s gone, the pecan pie’s demolished, and the relatives have taken all of their Depends undergarments and scurried home…this can only mean one thing…

Christmas is coming!




Uncle Lewis:  *puts down microphone* All right, I’m done.

Don’t worry, he’ll pass out eventually…


A Note of Thanks

I am so grateful to all of the wonderful bloggers and web-surfers out there who have viewed, commented or helped me with my site.  What an outpouring of ideas, encouragements, and general thumbs-up…my blog had its most hits today, and I know it reached its peak with help from certain individuals:

Nazia, who has offered such inspirational comments on many of my posts.  I almost feel like I’m hosting another blog:  her words are quite moving, and if you feel so inclined, take a look at some of the things she has had to say.

Jamie, from The New Hampshire Writers’ Network, who was kind enough to drop me a note with suggestions on my blog, even though I was a complete stranger to her at the time.  I will be incorporating many of her ideas into the site over the weekend.

Ferabeth, over at A Happy One: Hooks, Books & Saving the World.  Without ever making contact with me, she blogged about my blog…perhaps I’m still green at this art of online writing, but I got TONS of “warm fuzzies” (as she likes to call them) when I saw this.  You can read the post here, and check out her other postings, too.  I have a feeling we share similar views on enjoying the small things in life and finding our own “warm fuzzies” for the day!

Nghiand04, ragrobyn, dyosefina, miluko, Teri, ancaparema, Justin Toussant, and Heidi for being amongst my first commenters (and therefore, Support Team) and my first blogging friends.  A little note of a appreciation, from me to you…


Thank you for continuing to read!