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Cappuccinos May Increase Likelihood of Falling on Your Bum

Although the FDA is not likely to approve the above statement, I am willing to go out on a limb and make a case for it.

This morning, I was on top of my game.  I had successfully completed my RAC for the day before 11 AM…a feat which has not been accomplished for a few weeks.  Lately, I’ve been scrambling towards the end of the day to find and complete a RAC, but today, I was in rare form.

That is, up until 11:22 AM…

I had made plans to meet with my student teaching supervisor early this morning to discuss my future options for jobs and substitute teaching.  A week ago, my supervisor had undergone extensive shoulder surgery, which had left her quite homebound and without use of her right arm.  I decided to bring her some sort of pick me up that morning, which took the form of Bananas Foster cappuccino from Kwik Fill (hey, don’t knock Kwik Fill’s cappuccino until you try it…their Pumpkin Spice brand is outstanding).

By 10:30 AM, I had delivered said cappuccino to her and settled in for a brief visit, which was accompanied by an ample serving of her Orange Brunch Loaf (see, good things CAN come after doing good for others).  By 11:20 AM, I was headed out the door, letter of recommendation in hand, and bundled up against the brisk December air.  However, I was NOT bundled up for the crisp December pavement.

By 11:22 AM, I was lying facedown at the bottom of three cement stairs.  How I landed in this position I do not know, but I’m willing to wager that it was a combination of ice, obliviousness, and the worn down tread on my 8-year-old shoes.  I had slipped on the first step leading off of my friend’s porch, and although no one witnessed my tumble, I’m sure it looked like I was doing the Hokey Pokey, WHILE having a seizure, WHILE doing the YMCA dance with a sack-load of M&Ms in my system.  I dove down those three cement steps, unsuccessfully attempting to catch my balance, which apparently stayed in bed this morning.

Somehow, I managed to land simultaneously on my right knee, left hip, AND left palm, which still has some numbness to it. I was sure to turn around to find my supervisor either standing in awe or holding up an Olympic score card of 5.5.


My bum hurts…