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Sometimes I Don’t Say I Love You


I don’t tell you about

the fear, the hurt, the pain

I lean on silence, which falls in between the

smiling, laughing, hiding

sometimes I don’t say I miss you

you are not mine to miss

too many goodbyes and not enough hellos

are reminders of the uncertainty

sometimes I don’t say I need you

when the storm rages at night

needing is weak, and weakness is vulnerable

and vulnerability is terrifying

sometimes I don’t say anything

letting seconds, minutes, moments slip by

and I fall mute

even though inside, im shouting

and holding on with my heart

sometimes I don’t say I love you

because I fear if I say


ill lose you

and never be able to say it again

but, im always saying I love you

in thought, word, and deed

in the moments following

a kiss

a smile

a laugh

a tear

and every moment in between

and the missing, the needing, the wanting, the loving

are there

and everywhere


and although sometimes I don’t say I love you,

I do.

Welcome to my first foray in poetry, dear readers!  I’ve never been one to wax poetic, as it were, but I’ve been more and more inspired lately to try my hand at writing poems.  I know basically nothing about this fine art, so any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Special thanks to Chase for some last minute edits!

Happy Tuesday, all!  Tune in tomorrow for another round of Stick Figure Movie Review with “The King’s Speech,” starring Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth!


T’was the Day After Christmas: A Birthday Poem for The Mom!

Happy Birthday to The Mom today!

Yes, that’s right…get out your party hats and noise makers…The Mom is celebrating her birthday today, December 27th!  In honor of her birth, I will NOT embarrass her with a nudity/singing/dancing/eating picture!

IMG_1474Little Italy, NYC 2009

IMG_3489July 2010

In honor of her 33rd birthday*, I composed a little sonnet to commemorate the Christmas vacation we shared together this year. I think she’ll agree that when it comes to vacations, we don’t mess around.  Without further ado, I present T’was the Day After Christmas!

*=Fact Unverified by Wikipedia

T’was the Day After Christmas

“’Tis the day after Christmas, and all thru the apartment

Are items of extremely high caloric content.

I’ve sat on my bum, I’ve not moved a stitch,

My body will never be seen at Abercrombie and Fitch.

I don’t care to work, I don’t care to move

And on the couch, my bum has created a new groove.

The tree is still lit, the ornaments so merry

And I’m willing to be that my legs are quite hairy.

I sleep in ‘til 10, I eat danishes for lunch,

And why not? No need to get my panties in a bunch.

It’s Christmas vacation, a time to relax,

To veg on the sofa, and charge credit cards to the max.

So, for a few days more, my posts will be brief,

And then with the new year, this blog turns over a new leaf.

Enjoy being lazy, kick back, and drink “nog,”

Merry Christmas to all, from Aunt Bethany’s blog!

And now, good readers, I’d like to present you with the Digital Nativity, a YouTube video I was directed to this holiday season.  It basically prompts the question:  how would the story of Christmas unfold in modern culture? No matter what your religion or culture, I believe this little clip can bring a smile to anyone’s face.  It was not created to offend, and the message towards the end really says it all.  Have a look, and pass it on, as I have done for you!

The Digital Story of the Nativity

Continued holiday blessings, from my blog to yours!  Do yourself a favor and follow my lead:  start the diet next week!