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What’s all that flashing?

No, I did not get a strobe light for Christmas this year.  All that errant flashing emanating from within my house has originated from my new camera…my precious


Due to an excess of lounging around on my bum, copious amounts of wine, M&Ms, and Eggnog, and a wacky sleep schedule which finds my bedtime at 2:00 AM, my normal blogging activities will resume once I’ve detoxed my body and mind from Christmas break (of course, then there’s the New Year’s Eve detox, so who knows how long that will take).

Without further ado, I present a taste of things to come from me and my camera.  I’ve edited a few of these with Picasa software, as per many suggestions from my loyal commenters. I only feel it right to name my camera…we’ve bonded.  While I think up names, I hope you enjoy the photos.  Rocco?  Guido?  Eugene?  Phil?…


Ornament from my first Christmas tree


Using the “glow” feature from Picasa


More photos, damn it!


Top Ten Reasons You Should Take a Day Off From Blogging

Top Ten Reasons You Should Take a Day-Off From Blogging

10.) When friends ask you to hit the town, you tell them that you can’t, because the hours between 12:00 AM-2:00 AM are now dedicated to finishing up that pesky post in time for an 8:00 AM posting.


Consequently, bags begin to form under your eyes, normal sleeping patterns are interrupted, hair becomes a tangled bird’s nest, and you enter into a zombie-like state once situated at your computer.  At this point, chocolate is the only life source.

9.) You personally know every “Freshly Pressed” blogger by name, age, height, Zodiac sign, and food allergy…AND you’re now following them all on Twitter.


You know, there is a fine, fine line between admiration and a restraining order…

8.)  You’ve developed a callous on your index finger from pressing the “REFRESH” button on your keyboard so much.


Dude, if there was 67 hits thirty seconds ago, chances are…there are STILL 67 hits.

Keep reading…you know you want to…