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Another Edition of Favorite Blog Friday (via Marina Sleeps’s Blog)

Whenever someone comments on my blog, I am always doing a secret happy dance on this end of the computer. When someone subscribes to my blog, I perform a Rockette-worthy kick line in the privacy of my own apartment. But, when someone mentions me in a blog of their own…well, then I start doing the Charlie Brown, the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide, and the Mashed Potato all at once (some would call this NOT a pretty sight, but then again, “some” have not yet witnessed true art taking place…).

One of my recent blogging friends, Marina Sleeps, was kind enough to reblog a post of mine from Monday entitled “And There’s That Line,” a post in which I ruminated about the challenges of keeping a blog private. She posts a weekly segment on her own site called “Favorite Blog Friday,” where she becomes personal cheerleader for the blog of her choice…and wouldn’t you know it, she chose me! Commence the break dancing!

Below, you can take a peek at her blog and all of the extremely kind words she said about mine. This is a perfect example of how reciprocal blogging is. There’s a wonderful sense of loyalty and friendship in the Blog-O-Sphere, and I’m very glad to have “met” Marina.

Have a festive weekend, all! Stay tuned for later in the day, as I expound on the challenges of having grandparents who swear, their defective hearing aids, and how one goes about “making Christmas” all over again. Merry Blogging!

Another Edition of Favorite Blog Friday This blog has been getting lots of attention. This blogger has a knack for art and a way with words. I am hoping NBC will kick Jay Leno out and her give The Tonight Show. That’s only my opinion. In this blog she sends out a great message in a funny way. So without further ado, I give you Aunt Bethany from Miracle On 32nd Street. And There’s that Line In the world of blogging, there is always a tricky line which we bloggers must choose a side on…. … Read More

via Marina Sleeps’s Blog


“Bless Us All”

I’m blue.

Nay, I’m neither a Smurf nor suffering from the same elements poor Veruca Salt experienced in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”…I’m just plain blue…out of sorts, not myself, mopey, angsty blue.


When I woke up this morning (apparently, on the wrong side of the bed), I just knew something was off.  Something was amiss.  I ran through a list of possible causes in my head:  Underwear?  Check.  Waking up at 6 AM and NOT 6:00 PM?  Check.  Waking up in my own bed?  (My dog burrowing from beneath the covers confirmed this).  Check.  Then, why on earth did I feel like something wasn’t right?

My morning commute still found me feeling a little numb.  Instead of dwelling amidst a sea of self-doubt and worry, I decided to be proactive in eradicating this feeling.  Weapon of choice?  Christmas music.


Bing.  Bennett.  Mathis.  Carpenter.  Taylor.  The “Big Guns.”  Yielding such impressive artillery as “Silver Bells,”  “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” “Merry Christmas, Darlin’,” and ‘White Christmas,” one would think that a blue mood could effectively be annihilated by a mere 15 minutes of easy listening. 

I never expected such a worthy foe to stand in my way.

The clouds stayed over my head for much of my drive this morning.  Bing Crosby just shook his head, wiped his hands, and said “I got nothin’!”  Tony Bennett shouted “I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!” and beamed away.  All hope seemed lost….until….


For the love of Jim Henson!  The Muppets!

Read more about Kermit, Ms. Piggy and The Gang…

A Note of Thanks

I am so grateful to all of the wonderful bloggers and web-surfers out there who have viewed, commented or helped me with my site.  What an outpouring of ideas, encouragements, and general thumbs-up…my blog had its most hits today, and I know it reached its peak with help from certain individuals:

Nazia, who has offered such inspirational comments on many of my posts.  I almost feel like I’m hosting another blog:  her words are quite moving, and if you feel so inclined, take a look at some of the things she has had to say.

Jamie, from The New Hampshire Writers’ Network, who was kind enough to drop me a note with suggestions on my blog, even though I was a complete stranger to her at the time.  I will be incorporating many of her ideas into the site over the weekend.

Ferabeth, over at A Happy One: Hooks, Books & Saving the World.  Without ever making contact with me, she blogged about my blog…perhaps I’m still green at this art of online writing, but I got TONS of “warm fuzzies” (as she likes to call them) when I saw this.  You can read the post here, and check out her other postings, too.  I have a feeling we share similar views on enjoying the small things in life and finding our own “warm fuzzies” for the day!

Nghiand04, ragrobyn, dyosefina, miluko, Teri, ancaparema, Justin Toussant, and Heidi for being amongst my first commenters (and therefore, Support Team) and my first blogging friends.  A little note of a appreciation, from me to you…


Thank you for continuing to read!

Bumbles, Beers and Bouquets

An act of contrition.  An act of frivolity.  An act of appreciation.  These 3 acts comprised my weekend RACs, and also helped me understand something about myself, too.

First off…the act of appreciation.  I took some time this weekend to see a friend of mine in a dinner theatre show, an outing I had been planning since the middle of October.  Suffice it to say that during the past two months, I have nearly forgotten to schedule blinking and breathing into my agenda, let alone an entire afternoon of theatre.  My last possible opportunity to see my friend’s show came this weekend, and I astonishingly had an entire Sunday afternoon open.

My RAC came in the form of flowers for said friend, which I presented to her at the opening of the show.  Now, some people out there are under the assumption that merely attending a friend’s play or musical is an act of kindness in itself.  The show nearly ran for 3 1/2 hours…time enough to bake two cheesecakes, write your memoirs, or feel your butt go numb.

But simply attending this show for my friend wasn’t enough; she was my friend, a person who has stuck by me through thick and thin…someone who has attended shows I’ve performed in, time and time again.  The very least I could do for her was to be in attendance.  It’s part of the friendship code:  thou shalt attend all manners of theatre/concerts/operas/symphonies/drag shows/poetry readings that your friends engage in.  It’s there.  Look it up.

Nay, I could not simply just attend her show, although she later intimated to me that she was thrilled I could be there.  That’s my duty as a friend.  That’s not allowed to count for an RAC:  it’s not something done out of the ordinary.  It has to be something that you wouldn’t normally do.

More frivolity next…