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Puppies for Christmas!

After a frantic, late-night packing session, a grueling, tedious, 45 minute drive home, and an equally frantic un-packing session, I am now, officially, home for the holidays.

I now have ample time to watch HGTV, eat copious amounts of dried fruit and cashews, tag all of my photos on my computer, AND catch up on my blogging.


I realize, in my preparation to make my “days be merry and bright,” that I’ve fallen behind with my RAC-centered posts.  I know I’ve got a ton to catch up on….plus, I know that I owe an apology to you all for not keeping up with them.  In an attempt to distract your attention away from the fact I haven’t posted about an RAC in 6 days, I will pair each of my RACs with a dastardly, adorable puppy.  You all get puppies for Christmas!  PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE!


You know you want a puppy…


Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Today, my dear readers, my day started like this:


Today, my dear readers, my day ended like this:


I do not know at what point during my pleasant Thursday that everything went to pot, but suffice it to say that I’m happy for bed tonight.  (I should have known…Thursdays have a way of turning their backs on me…read why here).

Disagreements, general malaise, lifeless theatre audiences, and small frustrations were the reasons for my drop-to-your-knees, throw-your-hands-in-the-air, yell-the-F-Bomb surrender to my Thursday.  I could go into all of the details, but I catch myself before going into full Debbie Downer mode.

To make things worse, here I sit, at 12:09 AM, without a blog post, and without an RAC for the day.  Yes…I confess…I believe I went an entire day without fully committing to an RAC.


"Look what you did, you little jerk!"

Well, crap! Keep reading….

“A miniature sleigh, and 12 tiny winter beers…”

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like buying your first pack of Sam Adams Winter Brews…


(Note: it’s sometimes good to do an RAC for yourself, time and again…)

It’s amazing how many RACs you can accomplish through the purchase/creation of food and/or drink.  One would think merely giving food is a trivial matter…something done for funerals, birthdays, holidays…how on earth could a plate of brownies change someone’s day?

Think about it, though.  Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, pause for a moment.  I have a special surprise for you…


Pumpkin cheesecake, replete with whipped topping, chopped walnuts, and gooey caramel drizzle.  500 of the best calories you’ll spend all day.  Brought to you unannounced, and, it’s all…for…you…every last bite.

Even if you don’t like pumpkin, or cheesecake…or dessert, even, you’d probably still be pleased that somebody unexpectedly brought you a decadent treat for your mere enjoyment.  Even if you were presented with baked goods that were more like bricks than brownies, you’d graciously accept them, thank the sender, and probably share a laugh later about losing 3 teeth to a charred piece of batter.

The point is:  food brings us together. Especially during the holiday season.  Is there any other time of year that has such a great outpouring of cookies, pies, tarts, breads, and fruitcakes?  Dentist offices boast candy dishes with red and green M&Ms, candy canes are distributed freely everywhere, and you can find pumpkin in just about any café or restaurant menu.

Now, for your enjoyment, a holiday syllogism:

  • Food/drink brings us together
  • Being together makes us happy
  • Alcohol is a drink
  • THEREFORE….alcohol makes us happy!

And my personal conclusion…

  • Sam Adams is the best beer
  • Beer is alcohol
  • Sam Adams makes me the most happy!

I was out celebrating a close friend’s 40th birthday last night (and, as it happened, the premiere of Sam Adam’s Winter Ale).  As we stepped up to the bar to order drinks, I suddenly knew I had another RAC to accomplish: I would buy a round of drinks for my friends, an act I don’t normally think of doing, having sold most of my soul to 2 loan companies for grad school.

3 Sam Adams and 1 Labatt Blue later, I plunked my money down on the counter…and you know what?  The universe smiled back!  1/2 off all libations from 9-11PM! Give a little love (or, in this case, beer) and you’ll get it back!

RAC #5:  Buy a round of drinks for friends.

Result: Liquid courage, a night of laughter, slight buzz