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What’s all that flashing?

No, I did not get a strobe light for Christmas this year.  All that errant flashing emanating from within my house has originated from my new camera…my precious


Due to an excess of lounging around on my bum, copious amounts of wine, M&Ms, and Eggnog, and a wacky sleep schedule which finds my bedtime at 2:00 AM, my normal blogging activities will resume once I’ve detoxed my body and mind from Christmas break (of course, then there’s the New Year’s Eve detox, so who knows how long that will take).

Without further ado, I present a taste of things to come from me and my camera.  I’ve edited a few of these with Picasa software, as per many suggestions from my loyal commenters. I only feel it right to name my camera…we’ve bonded.  While I think up names, I hope you enjoy the photos.  Rocco?  Guido?  Eugene?  Phil?…


Ornament from my first Christmas tree


Using the “glow” feature from Picasa


More photos, damn it!


Puppies for Christmas!

After a frantic, late-night packing session, a grueling, tedious, 45 minute drive home, and an equally frantic un-packing session, I am now, officially, home for the holidays.

I now have ample time to watch HGTV, eat copious amounts of dried fruit and cashews, tag all of my photos on my computer, AND catch up on my blogging.


I realize, in my preparation to make my “days be merry and bright,” that I’ve fallen behind with my RAC-centered posts.  I know I’ve got a ton to catch up on….plus, I know that I owe an apology to you all for not keeping up with them.  In an attempt to distract your attention away from the fact I haven’t posted about an RAC in 6 days, I will pair each of my RACs with a dastardly, adorable puppy.  You all get puppies for Christmas!  PUPPIES FOR EVERYONE!


You know you want a puppy…