Random Acts of Christmas

1. Informed Country Fair employee that Pump #2 was not working,and, as such, had spilled a deluge of gasoline on my car.

Edible happiness 2. Baked chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies for cast members at a rehearsal…ate three before leaving the house.

3. Brought supervisor cup of coffee unexpectedly (and, in the process, also bought myself cup of caramel cappuccino, purely to sustain my energy for the evening).

wegmans4. Parked toward the back of Wegman’s parking lot to leave a space open for someone who really needs it; subsequently saw an open spot RIGHT in front of the store…sigh…

5. Unknowingly gave someone my shopping cart, who thieved it from me as I was perusing a baking display

6. Bought a round of drinks for friends; ended up getting everything at 1/2 price due to a Wednesday night drink special

7. Opted to speak to a telemarketer on the phone, instead of hanging up immediately; ended up leaving the poor girl dazed and confused

8. Delivered a greeting card to a friend to set things right after a fight; the act brought us closer together

9. Gifted a Sam Adam’s Chocolate Bock to a new friend; helped to solidify said friendship and to get us a bit tipsy

10. Brought flowers to a friend to applaud her performance in a dinner theatre show; ended up whacking 4 audience members in the head with said bouquet

11. Distributed Chips Ahoy Cookies to friends and strangers at a community theatre audition

12. Called up a lifelong friend just to say hello; ended up making plans to see each other in the near future

13. Went to battle, AGAIN, with another telemarketer; was still tempted to pull my hair out and rock in a corner

thanks14. Sent a random thank you note to The Mom; keep up the great work, Slugger!

15. Bought chocolate covered cherries for castmates

16. Offered to hold a stranger’s cell phone in my car during a Praxis test; got turned down for the offer, but still was one of two people who offered to do this; gained Gumption Points for myself

17.  Sent a Christmas card to a child in Ecuador through Studio Day Springimage

18. Passed out Oreos to strangers in the hallways at school; subsequently got a lot of surprised smiles

19. Wrote “thinking of you” notes to old friends

20. Helped tutor a student during my lunch period; student subsequently got an 8/10 on her quizimage

21. Encouraged conversation with a stranger at the Salvation Army

22. Purposefully verbalized my appreciation over meeting and working with new colleagues

23. Gave up an hour of free time to help clean/set-up for a rehearsal

24. Pranced around a craft’s store with a felt Rudolph hat on my head in order to make people smile; got several odd stares and one woman uttered “Crazy” under her breathimage

25. Took a friend out for lunch; ended up dining over Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready pizza

26. Tipped a cashier at Little Caesar’s

27.  Baked cookies for someone I had a misunderstanding with

28. Wished everyone I saw “Merry Christmas,” both strangers and friends alike

29. Sent a thank-you note to a new colleague

image30. Tipped a waitress 100% off total bill at dinner

31. Gave money to a random person on the street

32. Made contact with a long lost friend

33. Spent time talking to a friend on the phone instead of simply sending her a text or emailimage

34. Brought Bananas Foster cappuccino to my supervisor; ended up getting free Cranberry Orange bread for brunch

35. Gave a voice student a free pass on a missed lesson

36. Gave ANOTHER student a free pass on a missed lesson because she got into a car accident; also subsequently gave her hot chocolate and cookies

37. Donated $5 to the Salvation Army onlineimage

38. Bought a friend a Deluxe Hot Chocolate at Tim Horton’s

39. Baked cookies for cast members at lightning speed

40. Called a friend to merely say hello

41.  Sent a random thank you note to a fellow cast memberimage

42. Secretly brushed off snow from strangers’ cars

43. Gave ANOTHER voice student a free pass on a lesson, even though he was 20 minutes late

44. Baked for friends of a friend, or rather, complete strangers; received a loofah set in exchange!

45. Baked, once again, for fellow cast members

46. Took a long-lost friend out for dinner; turned out, his birthday was the following day

47. Bought lunch for a friendimage

48. Tipped a "Sandwich maker" at Quizno’s

49. Behaved cordially to a family member I have tensions with

50. Ran a shopping errand for a friend

51. Finished all preparations for an ensemble gift for a group I’m a part of

52. Made "thank you" treats for the stage managers and band members in our Christmas show

53. TRIED to pay for a meal for a friend; instead, the charge was accidentally applied to his credit card…resulting in the "next one" being on meimage

54. Tipped an unmanned Sal Val Army bucket

55. Sent an "I miss you" note to a friend


16 responses to this post.

  1. I love your idea of Random acts of Christmas, I’ve noticed many of the same things you write about. I’ll have a go and let you know how I get on…
    Louise x


    • Please let me know if you do! I know of one other blogger who is, as she says, going to start a “RAC Revolution!” Also…if you have any suggestions, please feel free to add them to the “RAC Suggestions” page on the left sidebar. Thanks for posting!


  2. What a wonderful project! I wish you the best of luck, and I look forward to reading the rest of your “Random Acts!”

    It only takes a one or two minutes to make someone’s day, and you definitely exemplify that!

    Lauren A. McHenry


    • Thanks for coming by Lauren! Loved reading your blog too…nice Tin Man picture! If you have any suggestions for RACs, feel free to comment on the “RAC Suggestions” page. Thanks!


  3. I like your idea! Random acts of Christmas… good idea!


  4. Posted by fnkybee on December 8, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Wow! You ROCK my friend! You radiate good karma!
    I am going to start this immediately!


  5. […] this is the one…it gets my “This is Awesome” vote!  Her blog is devoted to Random Acts of Chrismtas aka RAC’s.  She is on a mission to do at least one RAC a day.  She started this on November 1st with plans […]


    • AWESOME! You totally made my day! Ugh, I SO needed a pick me up…Thank you! What a wonderful shout out! I will definitely stop back to your blog when I’m home on the computer tonight! Thanks, new friend!


  6. I loved this post tday and I hope you get hundreds of views on it today!
    BTW, I wanna be in a show with you — it seems like you are always baking and bringing cookies and treats for fellow cast members! Yummo!!




    • You are too kind! I didn’t get hundreds of views (that would ROCK!), but I did get a good number for my site today.

      You are welcome to join the cast! We now have a “snack” table full of cookies, pretzels, Reese’s Cups, Thin Mints, and brownies.


    • Thanks again, Ava! Love seeing your comments on my site…I don’t know you very well, but you seem like a cheery, positive person, and I like that!


  7. […] Random Acts of Christmas November 2010 13 comments 5 […]


  8. I loved reading this! Saw you over at Angelia’s blog. Name caught my attention because it reminded of Aunt Bethany in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Not the holidays without watching that movie. I’m still in my post holiday blues mood. Heck, I still even have all my xmas decorations up!


    • Hey Sherri! Glad to see you here! I’ve been posting on Angelia’s blot for a while…she’s really helped me a lot!

      As for my screen name, yes, its from National Lampoons! I actually have another poster who goes by the name of Uncle Lewis!

      I will miss my holiday challenge, but I’m bringing it back next year! In the meantime, stay for a spell!


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