What the #FF?!?: I’ve got a bad case of the ninjas…

What the Fudgsicle? A “What the #FF?!?” feature on a Monday, you ask?  What gives, Aunt Bethany?  Are you off your rocker?


Well, honestly…yes!  I am a bit off my rocker…or, at least, have been for the past few days.  A string of unforeseen events forced me off the Internet the past few days, which did not allow me to publish my Friday post, nor read up on all my blog subscriptions.  I won’t bore you with all of the dull, mundane details…but I will try, in one sentence, to summarize the world-turning events which led to my Internet Isolation for the past few days:

Wednesday night, I was alerted to an opening as a long-term sub, so Thursday morning, I filled out a lengthy application, finally watched Family Guy’s “It’s a Trap!”, played for a ballet class, then spent 4 hours at a rehearsal, which left no time for writing but plenty of time to plan my Friday post, which never got written because Friday I was called in to an unplanned job interview, which required me to gather odd and random documents Friday morning, and then I hastily readied myself to look presentable, played for another ballet class, and rushed across town to an informal interview at 2:00, which was followed by me giving a private piano lesson, racing across town (the other way) to a rehearsal, and then to a choral concert that night, which really exhausted me, so I crashed Friday night, got up way too early Saturday morning to complete a physical for my job interview, and gave a voice lesson later that morning, which was THEN followed by a 4 hour rehearsal and  a planned party with former cast mates, which ALSO tired me out, so I crashed until the wee hours of Sunday morning until I had to scurry off for church choir, which kept me out until mid-morning until I had to run home to give another voice lesson, prepare for my afternoon, and run across town (yep, again) for ANOTHER day of rehearsals, which kept me on the go and away from my laptop from 12-9 today, and THAT is why I was late for school…and couldn’t post my Friday article.

So, you see?  I wish I could say that I was kidnapped by a one-armed man with a spatula for a limb, or that I was abducted by crazed Yetis with blow-torches and CDs of Miley Cyrus, but I can’t.  I personally think a Yeti abduction would be thrilling.


But even Yetis understand the importance of “What the #FF?!?” Friday posts, so they have urged me to continue with mine.  Bless their poor, wild hearts.

This Friday’s featured website was a no-brainer.  When I happened on a post from Sister Merry Hellish, I knew I had touched upon comic gold, and a Friday mention was in order.  I mean, any video with this equation is sure to stir up a chuckle or two, right?

Ninjas + Crazy People + Poop =

Plenty of Chuckles, Some Soiled Undergarments, and a “What the #FF?!?” mention

Don’t believe me?  I dare you to watch this video and not laugh.  You will not succeed.

Ninjas vs. Crazy People

The Ask a Ninja series was originally created by Kent Nichols and Doug Sarine in 2006.  Wait…you mean it has spanned over 4 years, and I am just now finding out about it?!? Yeah, I had that impression, too.

But fear not! The Ask a Ninja site is still up and running, with many delicious videos to view.  The Ninja will answer all of your questions, regarding where ninjas hang out, how to become a ninja, and even how to participate in the ninja Olympics.  Start your training today!

They’ll happen whenever and wherever! BE READY!

If you have now wet your Vaderoos with laughter and urine, check out more ninja stuff at their website.  Heck, ninjas even do Twitter. And Facebook. And, I’m fairly certain that they are already hiding somewhere on my web page.  But, you’ll never be able to find  them, because they’re invisible, because they’re ninjas!  HIY YAH!

Have a great Monday everyone!  Please be sure to tune in later this week for another dose of “Stick Figure Movie Review”, featuring the Oscar contender “The King’s Speech!”


21 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Uncle Lewis on January 17, 2011 at 9:11 am

    Welcome back Bethany. Don’t ever go away from me that long again. One thing… your post does contain a run on sentence. Love you!


    • Uncle Lewis, you will have a hard time of ever getting rid of me. Especially when you are such a great editor and muse. One thing…your comment is missing a hyphen 🙂


  2. Ninjas AND poop? Story of my life, sister! Hope the interview went well!


    • Crazy people fling poop. Gorillas fling poop. Therefore, all crazy people are gorillas. Right???

      I should know something about the interview by tomorrow night or Wednesday!


  3. Oh my good golly! And I thought flying to Chicago for the weekend and barely over 24hrs returning was bad. Apparently…..not! Goodness woman, you be busy.

    Ninjas vs. Crazy People. HA HA HA! I loved all the stuff on his head. Wait…there WAS stuff on his head, right?!? LOL!


  4. And best of luck on the job! Hopefully all your last-minute application work will pay off. 🙂


  5. Aunt Bethany, you sweet thang you! Thank you for the honor, though the funny is all in the videos. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it until now either, but it’s seriously making me consider turning my blog into a shameless Ask A Ninja fan site!

    Alright, that might be a little much.

    Sorry your Friday was nuts, but hey, it was productive! And there were job interviews in there! Woo hoo!


    • Ahh, one of my idols stops by! I bow to Your Hellishness.

      Today, unlike my Friday, is very non-productive, frought with races of Mario Kart, cups of Keurig coffee, and probably cold pizza for lunch. And, did I mention…a whole lot of NOTHING!

      Oh, and one more thing:



  6. Hee hee hee…love this. I”m so glad you’re back. (PS: How do you set your post so only the first bit shows up in subscribers’ emails?)


  7. Yay! I’m so glad that YOU’RE glad I’m back (probably even more than you think!)

    You can insert a “page break” when you’re creating your posts. This cuts off a lengthy post (almost all of mine are), and keeps it going on another page. Saves up a ton of space on the main page!


  8. So, Aunt Bethany, have you ever read National Geographic looking for secret messages from your cat? I bet that’s why you wrapped it up in that box huh?


  9. I missed your posts! You make it sound like you were busy or something. Sheesh. 😉


    • Eh, just a tad 🙂 I missed reading your stuff, too! I took a little break from the Internet in general this weekend….but then I started shaking and rocking back and forth in the corner, so I had to get my fix.


  10. That is a winning formula. And I did wet my Vaderoos with laughter, which isn’t easy. Thanks!


  11. Did you find out about the long-term sub position? What subject, age, etc.?


  12. What’s up to all, it’s in fact a pleasant for me to go to see this web page, it consists of valuable Information.


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