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Aunt Bethany Can Has Cheezburger?!

Yes, I admit it…I’m a sucker for the LOL Cats, Failbook, and just about anything at  When I’m down in the dumps and in extreme need of a giggle/cute fuzzy animal pic, I turn to this website.

This week, however, I finally became a contributor to the website as well (well, not officially…I like to think they’re waiting to offer me a 7-figure position, but don’t want to seem too hasty…I’m ready when you are, chumps).

I happened to stumble on to a friend’s Facebook page, and found the little gem you see below.  I snatched it up in a screenshot, edited out my friends information, et voila…instant magic.  All I have to say is…WHAT kind of rehearsal was he going to?

Practice Makes Perfect

You can see the offical ICanHasCheezburger post here.


Extreme Home Makeover: Blog Edition

Uncle Lewis, I thought I asked you to take the Christmas tree down?!?


Uncle Lewis: The needles fall off when I touch it.  Plus, I just sat down to watch my shows!

What shows?!?

Uncle Lewis?!?……


Oh, never mind, you old poop…

As you can see, folks, we’re still “de-Christmas-ing” here at Miracle on 32nd Street.  We’ve sported a beautiful Vermillion Christmas theme here on Word Press for the past two months, and, with a week of 2011 under our belts, I think it’s high time to redecorate, don’t you?

After perusing the hundreds of themes Word Press proudly supports, I’ve managed to select three finalists as successors to my holiday theme.  The problem is, each theme offers something different, both visually and technically.

“HELP!  I NEED SOMEBODY!” Well, actually, I DO need your assistance!  I turn to you, my well-versed and logical readers.  Which theme do you think appeals to your senses the most (excluding the sense of smell…the scratch & sniff theme didn’t seem to work)?  Is it…

#1:  Misty Air


#2:  Spring Loaded



#3:  Ocean Mist


I honestly was very taken with Spring Loaded, #2, but I’m not so sure if I’m wild about a patch of grass taking up part of my banner.  I love the originality in that theme, but am taken with the simplicity of #s 2 and 3.

I need some help with my decision!  I’m a swayer who needs to be swayed!  So, what do you YOU think?  Which theme peaks your interest as a blogger, reader, or web surfer? Send me off a quick comment, and let me know what you think!

Now, to rouse Uncle Lewis…where’s that air horn?…..