What’s all that flashing?

No, I did not get a strobe light for Christmas this year.  All that errant flashing emanating from within my house has originated from my new camera…my precious


Due to an excess of lounging around on my bum, copious amounts of wine, M&Ms, and Eggnog, and a wacky sleep schedule which finds my bedtime at 2:00 AM, my normal blogging activities will resume once I’ve detoxed my body and mind from Christmas break (of course, then there’s the New Year’s Eve detox, so who knows how long that will take).

Without further ado, I present a taste of things to come from me and my camera.  I’ve edited a few of these with Picasa software, as per many suggestions from my loyal commenters. I only feel it right to name my camera…we’ve bonded.  While I think up names, I hope you enjoy the photos.  Rocco?  Guido?  Eugene?  Phil?…


Ornament from my first Christmas tree


Using the “glow” feature from Picasa



Bailey usually never sits still long enough to take these photos.


Decorations that have been in my family for years.


Family Christmas tree at home.


My “room” at home, taken using a Color Accent feature.


Bailey met a new friend.


Sitting by the fireplace, enjoying the warmth.


Another shot taken with color adjustments.



Playing around with glow and focus features.





Christmas Eve service at church.

And now, for a special Post-Christmas Prayer, from my apartment to yours:

I pray that you may recover from all food-induced comas.  I pray that in-laws leave hastily without any tears shed.  I pray that all underpants lost during drinking sessions can be recovered.  I pray all subsequent nude photos taken without said underpants can be destroyed.  I pray you all find comfort in your “fat” sweat pants and refuse to diet until the new year.  I pray all ugly sweaters are returnable and all empty beer cans refundable.  But on top of everything, I pray that the best memories you create during the holiday season may be equally as humiliating as they are photographable…

No alcohol was consumed in the production of this aria.

Hoping your holidays hit a high note!  Merry Christmas!


18 responses to this post.

  1. Cool pics. The one of the poinsettas really stands out. There is a hint of red on the wood in the foreground that looks really neat.

    Who says neat?


    • I used a feature that takes out all colors, except the one you pick….like the red in poinsettias (on a side note, I incorrectly spelled “poinsettia” in a 5th grade spelling bee….it’s haunted me ever since…I will now go rock in the corner).

      You sat “neat” and I say “swell.” I’m willing to bet that Clay (eduClaytion) probably says “keen” or “nifty.” Just a guess.


  2. Posted by fnkybee on December 26, 2010 at 3:07 pm

    Great pictures girlie! I got a new lens for my camera this year and I CAN’T wait to play with it!!!! My kids are going to get so tired of me with the camera in their faces! hahaha!
    ps. your doggy is just adorable!


    • I actually don’t have lenses for my camera…it’s not a real SLR, but it’s fine for what I want to shoot! And I know what you mean…I’ve gotten the label of “camera nazi” before because I always seem to have my camera on me.

      My doggy is usually adorable, sometimes mischievious, often dastardly. But, I love her 🙂


  3. Love the pics and love your edits. I don’t think I’ve used the color accent before. That is really cool!

    Enjoy your camera and all the features and fun! And pass the eggnog and M&M’s. Yum!!


  4. The pictures were great. My fave was the Family Christmas tree. I like the caroller figures, too. They remind me of 1960s stop motion animation figures.


  5. I like Picasa and try Piknic too, it has neat edit tools. The new Picasa has a link button to it. Nice pictures.


    • Thanks, Connie! Nice to see you stop by here…I am having too much fun with Picasa. Of course, I am just going into it, all helter-skelter, without reading any manuals! Just think how much more fun I’d have if I knew what I was doing!

      Hope to see you back here soon!


  6. You have a really “keen” eye for pictures. These shot are super “nifty.” Gosh, I think you’re swell, a real peach 🙂


  7. Haaha ha haaa….that was a great little poem at the end! Just fabulous! And I love your dog Bailey…what a nice shot…actually quite a few nice shots, I really enjoyed the ornament one and the shot of the bedroom and how it was fudged.


    • Thanks, Acilino! The sad thing is…the poem is based off of real life! That was my Christmas vacation!

      Baily CAN be a nice dog, when she’s not devouring everything that includes chocolate in it. Cookies, Reese’s Pieces, Hershey Kisses….you name it, she’s eaten it.


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