Another Edition of Favorite Blog Friday (via Marina Sleeps’s Blog)

Whenever someone comments on my blog, I am always doing a secret happy dance on this end of the computer. When someone subscribes to my blog, I perform a Rockette-worthy kick line in the privacy of my own apartment. But, when someone mentions me in a blog of their own…well, then I start doing the Charlie Brown, the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide, and the Mashed Potato all at once (some would call this NOT a pretty sight, but then again, “some” have not yet witnessed true art taking place…).

One of my recent blogging friends, Marina Sleeps, was kind enough to reblog a post of mine from Monday entitled “And There’s That Line,” a post in which I ruminated about the challenges of keeping a blog private. She posts a weekly segment on her own site called “Favorite Blog Friday,” where she becomes personal cheerleader for the blog of her choice…and wouldn’t you know it, she chose me! Commence the break dancing!

Below, you can take a peek at her blog and all of the extremely kind words she said about mine. This is a perfect example of how reciprocal blogging is. There’s a wonderful sense of loyalty and friendship in the Blog-O-Sphere, and I’m very glad to have “met” Marina.

Have a festive weekend, all! Stay tuned for later in the day, as I expound on the challenges of having grandparents who swear, their defective hearing aids, and how one goes about “making Christmas” all over again. Merry Blogging!

Another Edition of Favorite Blog Friday This blog has been getting lots of attention. This blogger has a knack for art and a way with words. I am hoping NBC will kick Jay Leno out and her give The Tonight Show. That’s only my opinion. In this blog she sends out a great message in a funny way. So without further ado, I give you Aunt Bethany from Miracle On 32nd Street. And There’s that Line In the world of blogging, there is always a tricky line which we bloggers must choose a side on…. … Read More

via Marina Sleeps’s Blog


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  1. Posted by Uncle Lewis on December 18, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    HELP! I am caught in some kind of time warp continuum. Let me tell you exactly what happened. I woke this morning at 5:30 like I usually do, had my morning coffee, lit my favorite stogie, and sat down with my favorite blog, “Miracle on 32nd Street”. Today, Aunt Bethany’s post redirected me to a very talented blogger, “Marinasleeps”. Without thinking, I clicked over to this WONDERFUL blog. As I read Marina’s blog, I was redirected over to Aunt Bethany’s “Miracle on 32nd Street”. I read all of her blogs then got to a blog about “Marinasleeps” reposting her blog… so I clicked over to “MarinaSleeps”. After 3 hours of this, my computer started smoking and I was sucked into the screen onto the set of a gameshow. It was called “The Blogs are right” The host was Educlation… Contestents had to guess the worth of blogs while the Clationetts, (Aunt Bethany, The Edmonton Tourist, Fnkybee, Ferabeth) paraded around in skimpy outfits presenting the possible prizes… I am in the audience with my laptop and I can’t find my way out. PLEASE… someone… send help!!!


    • Best…comment…ever. Don’t worry, Uncle Lewis…I’ll save you from your vortex of game shows. I will always be willing to rescue you from any source of peril, danger, or despair!

      I am seriously going to re-post this comment. I am still chuckling about it, 7 hours later.

      It has inspired me to do some more work on Windows Paint…hmm…ah ha! I smell a new post coming along!


  2. Wow … I thought was the only one who still new how to Charlie Brown .. I mean run to kick a football and someone immediately takes it from me and I’m about to kick and fall on my ass.


  3. You know the Charlie Brown? What is it?! Whenever they call that out during the Cha Cha Slide everyone just stands there looking around to see if anyone knows it.


    • It’s apparently any dance one of the characters does during “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” You know the scene when they’re all onstage? Watch the characters as they dance…usually, it’s jumping from foot to foot while bobbing your head side to side.


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