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Welcome to your SNL Weekend RAC Update! Please welcome your guest hosts, Tiny Fey and–

(What?  We couldn’t get Ms. Fey and Mr. Fallon?!?  Why the hell not?  Budget concerns?  Mr. Fallon wanted to be paid in salmon? Okay, okay, you’ve got a point there…all right, give me two seconds…)

Welcome AGAIN to your Non-SNL Weekend RAC Update! Please welcome your host…!  Aunt Bethany!


Let’s get started!

Weekend RAC #1 was completed early Saturday morning before the clock struck 11 AM.  I wasn’t ambitious in my efforts, nor was I up at the crack of dawn scouting out Salvation Army buckets.  Nay, dear readers, the inevitable happened again:  I was stood up by a student for a voice lesson, yet AGAIN.


If you’re new to the blog, dear readers, I am a voice teacher, who has a recent history of students standing her up for voice lessons.  In fact, two such miscreants did so just last week, and the usual punishment for such an act requires the students to pay for their missed time slots.  However, I managed to take lemons and make Long Island Iced Teas out of those experiences, and thus, turned them into RACs.  The trend continues…

This Saturday morning, as I was making a fresh cup of coffee in my Keurig Coffee pot, I glanced at the clock:  10:03 AM. Odd, I thought.  My student was supposed to be here at 10:00 AM, and he’s not usually late.  No worry.  He’ll be here…he’s always here.

10:10 AM…

10:17 AM…

10:21 AM…


So, sadly, I composed an email message to said student to inform him of his missed lesson and the consequences for not contacting me.  I say “sadly” because, quite honestly, it wasn’t pleasant reprimanding this specific student.  He’s a wonderful person, a hard worker, and carries such a zest for music with him to every lesson.  Still, a rule is a rule, and I must uphold this rule with each and every student…I can’t play favorites.

Within 5 minutes of sending off his email, guess who comes walking through my door?

Yep.  My student.  He had apparently thought his lesson was scheduled for 10:30 AM, which was a half hour later than what we had agreed on.  I had scheduled him thus because I had a prior commitment at 11 AM, and had to travel 15 minutes across town to get there.  I wouldn’t have time to get his full lesson in, and honestly, I really had every right to accept his money and usher him out the door.  If I stuck to policy and my own time regulations that morning, he would have had to leave without a lesson.

But, that little voice in my head that has been talking non-stop since I started this blog spoke up, and I knew in an instant that I had to give him some semblance of a lesson in whatever time remained, even though I still had things I wanted to accomplish before heading off to rehearsal.  I wanted to do laundry, I wanted to finish washing my dishes, and I wanted to answer a few emails.  I was totally entitled to sending him on his merry way…but I couldn’t. Not with a looming audition for Phantom of the Opera at his high school on Monday.

So, from 10:25-10:45, we fit in as much of a lesson as we could, and, as luck would have it, he actually crossed a very important hurdle that day in his session.  No, I didn’t get my laundry done, and I still had cookie dough encrusted mixer beaters soaking in my sink as I left for my appointment, but I was very happy with my final decision.  So happy, that I even stopped to buy a cup of coffee for the next person I was to see that day.  Happiness is addictive.

My second and final RAC for the weekend took all of 25 minutes, cost me nothing, and left my apartment smelling like a warm sugar cookie (no, I was not sent a free Strip-O-Gram by Uncle Lewis…he’s been warned NOT to).

A colleague of mine who has recently enjoyed my baking approached me the other day with a culinary favor to ask.  She wanted to know if I would be willing to bake another batch of White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies for a pair of elderly people she currently takes care of.  She even offered to buy me some of the ingredients to help defray the costs, but even before she had said that, I had already agreed.  I love baking, and I love baking for people even more….it gives me a greater sense of accomplishment AND I don’t end up eating the entire batch of cookies on my own.


So, today I presented her with an entire tubful of cookies, to which she seemed very grateful.  Other than an appreciative response, there was no other result from this RAC…or so I thought.

After I had presented this colleague with cookies, another colleague presented me with a small gift bag containing a present from one of my favorite stores, Bath and Body Works. Inside, was a small bottle of shower gel and a brand new loofah (I love that word).


I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I’m beginning to believe that good deeds do follow good deeds.  Or…showering/smelling good follows good deeds, ‘cause I “smell all nice and flowery.”  Hidey ho!


That’s it for your Non-SNL Weekend RAC Update!  To close out the Update, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Weekend Update clips from the real Saturday Night Live.  Please enjoy the stylings of Garth and Kat!  Happy Holidays!

Click here for holiday merriment!


8 responses to this post.

  1. Good for you! Spread some Christmas (RAC) cheer.


  2. That was tough almost getting blown off like that and feeling (diss)appointed the rest of the day. You really turned it around. I’m not surprised you got rewarded. 🙂 Loofah!


  3. Loooooooofaaaaaaaaaaaah
    I think it can be used as a verb – I loofahed! Quite suitable! I support your choice with the voice student. It is so loooooofaaaaaaah of you 😉
    PS please pass me a cookie


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……


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