“I just called…to say…I love you…”

In a world of email, texts, Tweets, IMs, status updates, and posts, who really needs to use the telephone anymore?  With all the different electronic Pony Expresses we have at our fingertips, the telephone is on its way out, slowly fading off into the sunset…


And don't call me Junior!

Some people are natural born phone conversationalists.  I am not one of these people.  When I was growing up, I was very content with a 2-minute phone call to determine my weekend plans and outings.  I didn’t tie up the phone line for hours on end to discuss why Bobby So-And-So shouldn’t date Unnaturally Blonde Barbara…or which member of N*SYNC was the hottest…or who I was takin’ to the box social an’ what I was bringin’ in my hamper an’ why Mistuh Jud Fry was a mean ol’ cantankerous sort of man.  Besides, most of my closest friends back then were guys…creatures who are predisposed to loathe any conversation over 3 minutes long (note: I have many male friends nowadays that can handle extended conversation, as long as I wear something shiny to satisfy their A.D.D.).


Planning to wear this to my wedding to keep the groom's attention...

I’ve never been a phone person, so the Internet was a great saving grace for me.  I can see what I’m going to say before I hit that little “SEND” button, and prevent myself from saying “Hi Tit on the head” when what I meant to say was “Hit it on the head.”  I don’t have that error modification on the telephone.

And texting?  Don’t get me starting on texting…I LOVE texting.  But, it has subsequently taken the place an infinite amount of telephone calls.  The result?  Instead of dialing up a friend to see how they are, I shoot them a 160-character e-note which supposedly can show that I care.  And I do care…life just gets so hectic that a text can simply suffice.  That’s just the way communication works these days.

So, today, I decided to purposefully phone one of my oldest and best friends from home to catch up. Nothing prompted me to dial this number except the desire to make contact.

Now, here’s the weird part: I planned this yesterday, and to my surprise, this same friend texted me just this morning to ask if I wanted to accompany him to a Christmas concert towards the end of November.  Funny how coincidences happen, huh?  So now, before I even picked up my phone to dial his number, I already had an outing planned to see the a cappella group “Straight, No Chaser”, complete with wine and dinner beforehand.  Some may call this karmacoincidence…I just call it great luck that I now have an evening planned with one of my dearest friends…not to mention, a holiday outing with one of my dearest friends.  Already feeling more Christmas-y than last year, and it’s not even December yet!

So, I dialed up my friend tonight in, literally, the only hour I had to myself today.  I was very nearly tempted to just sit and veg in front of my computer, but that’s a choice too easily and too often made.  I knew I had to go beyond what I wanted and do something for someone else.  So, for nearly 20 minutes tonight, I sat and caught up with a friend I haven’t spoken to since this summer.  Granted, he’s also a teacher, too, so his schedule also hasn’t been his own since the first bell rang in September.  I caught him at just the right time:  he was about to leave for Bible study…another coincidence perhaps?  Or just great timing?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about true, dedicated friends, it’s that no matter how much time passes by since you’ve last spoken to/seen them, you can always pick up right from where you left off.  My friend and I have a very humorous rapport with one another, and within one minute from the start of our conversation, we were already giggling like idiots and making inappropriate jokes.

I got to hear about his year so far, and he got a taste of mine. However, I purposefully did not tell him too much; nay, rather…I decided to save the best details of my year so far when we can sit across from each other, face to face, and have a real conversation, removed from any telephone, computer, or any electronic device.  Because, after all is said and done, it’s personal human interaction that intertwines itself into the deepest recesses of our memory…not texts, voicemails, posts, or emails.

RAC #12:  Calling up a friend you haven’t made contact with in a while

Result:  Going to see a Christmas concert with him, will be able to enjoy live human interaction, strengthened a friendship that has been going on for 20 years


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  1. Saying someone or any one that you love him or her should nt be limited to words but it is a serious commitment of whole life which need consistent human effort to stick to these words.To love somebody is not imaginary saying words but real responsibility for whole life.


    • Totally agree! This should apply to friendships, too…it’s sad when we think how too little we tell the ones we love how much they mean to us. We should be thanking them everyday!


  2. I place friendship in different category as it can be linked with social need of persons.One need to passionately expand his/her area of acquaintance to remain well informed and cared by other living beings as natural urge .But loving somebody, any relation and anything put lot of responsibility in one’s shoulder,the responsibility which should be free of response of lover,materialistic desires and always consistent whatever the ups and downs comes in one life.Actually this kind of love becomes the real support and hope of one’s life.This God gifted passion has no value in words and only responsible attitude of mature minds can fulfill and present real spirit and strength of this powerful sentiment.


    • I think friends must fall into the category of love. Acquaintances fulfill social desire/need/want of relationships, but true friends eventually make their way into your heart. These are REAL friends: the ones who genuinely care about your well-being and life. They are the ones you can you can say, without hesitation, that you love them and love having them as a part of your life. These are not people you forget about, for they will not forget about you. You should work everyday to keep those people as close to you as you possibly can.


  3. Posted by Teri on November 10, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    So true about old friendships..you just pick up, right where you left off. That’s what makes them great. They are effortless. Makes me think I should put more effort in, treasure them more. Great post!


    • The sad thing is…friendships are the items we put on the shelf when our lives get hectic. We try to do our part by sending a weekly email or text, but we have to remind ourselves who these people are and WHY we define them as friends. We had to sort through many different candidates to find the “keepers”…the ones who stay beside us through thick and thin. I know I’m going to be making more phone calls this weekend! Thanks Teri!


  4. Friends and lovers are quite different persons in one’s life.
    Friends are your all time support, responsive and effective relations in private and professional lives .They understand us where we need their support in our hectic life.It is a controlled support of our lives.It is an expressible relation but lovers rarely become friends and if somehow you are able to get such a person/relation in your life .I call that person as heavenly blessed.
    Lover’s response can be opposite , or may be null, he/she can be ignorant by your passions .Lovers can be reason of pain, destruction, down fall or can deviate goals/moral values of life intentionally or unintentionally.It is one way track ,logic free, speechless, invisible and directionless but friendship is quite opposite of it.
    you can say logical people go for friendship and true lovers are emotionally deaf and blind in their love matters.


    • You call “lovers who are also friends” to be “heavenly blessed.” I wholeheartedly agree. The most solid and endearing romantic relationships are built around friendship. I hope to one day marry my best friend, whoever he may be.


  5. In my culture or eastern setup marriage is said to be murderer of love and friendship:p
    but I personally believe that your spouse should be your best friend instead of your lover because in this relation of family building ,pains and ignorance shouldn’t be part of this kind of companionship which are necessary habits of lovers.
    Any how you might be heavenly blessed person of this world I wish you best of luck .


    • It’s been a pleasure corresponding with you all day, Nazia…I intend to stop by your blog later (school firewalls prevent me from doing so right now!) Best wishes!


  6. Thanks.I just jumped into your topic as I found it interesting and I want to convey the people not to misuse this term in mean of flirt, interim sentiments or for passing pleasure times.This term I LOVE YOU should be rarely used as long as person feels that he or she can manage this devoted responsibility for his/her whole life.


    • Wow…have you ever written a book on marriage? If not, you probably should look into it. I bet the divorce rate would go down if all married or engaged couples read it!


  7. oh no nothing like that I did but I am considered as strong adviser among my social group on such issues.I actually insist people to adopt responsible and consistent behaviour in human relationsl which ultimately come to support each other in difficult times.
    Any how you have beautiful heading and idea and I really enjoyed discussing it.


  8. Posted by miluko on November 12, 2010 at 10:00 am

    Hi I realy like your articles…..


    • Thanks, Miluko! If you’re enjoying them, it would be great if you could visit the RAC Suggestions page…haven’t had anyone post there yet or offer their ideas on a possible RAC. Thanks a lot!


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  10. Love your site man keep up the good work


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