Chips Ahoy, Matey!

It’s been one week since I created my blog, which features my quest to perform one good deed per day up until New Year’s Eve, and I’ve discovered that a good deed is a good deed, no matter how small.  Even if you believe your positive actions are unnoticed or meaningless, chances are, they’re not.

Take yesterday, for example:  I wound up being so busy with school, voice lessons, and musical auditions that by 5:30, I realized I had not even thought about doing an RAC the entire day.  In my haste, I quickly concocted a good act, which, to me, seemed like a last ditch effort to complete my task for the day.  I had a (almost) unopened package of Chips Ahoy Cookies sitting in my pantry and found myself grabbing these as I made my way out the door.  I planned to share them with the other auditioners I would be sitting with that evening.  I realized that I hadn’t put much thought into it, and it could even be perceived as attempt to push away the thousands of calories I’d consume by devouring the package.  Still, it’s a gesture I wouldn’t normally do (I mean, I love my cookies…c’mon?  Who really wants to part with cookies?), so I figured it would suffice.  My waistline also breathed a sigh of relief as they scurried out the door.


24 individuals reason to get on a treadmill...

You get to be pretty popular when you’re the bearer of baked goods.  I’m pretty sure that out of the infamous Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker figures, the Baker was the most eligible bachelor.  Am I right ladies?  We can get our own cuts of beef and Yankee Candles, but a man who bakes?!?

Butcher, Baker and Candlestick

And he even has a time share in Bermuda...

I mentioned that I had to attend a round of auditions for upcoming musicals.  Serving as the conductor for one of the shows, I actually sat in on the audition panel and watched nearly 70 people sing, act, and/or dance, in an attempt to be part of 3 upcoming musicals at our local community theatre.  The process began at 6:00 PM as auditionees filed in and out, singing showtunes, reciting monologues, and eventually performing a brief dance combination.  All participants HAD to stay until everyone had been seen by the auditioners, and then they were asked to perform their learned dance routine for the directors.  Let’s recap:

Time Auditions Started:  6:00 PM

Number of Auditionees: 76

Number of Audtioners: 4

Time Auditions Ended:  9:00 PM

Likelihood that ANYONE Ate a Proper Dinner:  about the same as Mel Gibson winning the Nobel Peace Prize

So, when you’re toting a mouth-watering box of chocolate chip cookies with Mini M&Ms in your bag, and nearly 80 nervous, exhausted, starving auditioners, you’re going to attract attention:


Now, if only I could get MEN to do this...

In their blind quest for sustenance, I don’t even think they were conscious of their hands launching into my face to demand sugary nutrition.  I even mis-identified a “close talker”; she merely was trying to get to my cookies as quickly as possible.

Close Talker

"Some say he's a...close talker."

By the time I left auditions, I was 24 cookies lighter and happy to have achieved my task for the day.  In the grand scheme of things, I brought a box of cookies to some friends and strangers.  No big deal.  But there’s no hiding the smile people exhibit when they pick up 1, 2 or 10 chocolate-y delights.  And that, my friends, makes everything worthwhile.

RAC #11: Brought a box of cookies to friends/strangers at an audition

Result: Fed the hungry, avoided gaining 2 lbs from eating the cookies myself, 15.6 smiles


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